pepXpress Africa Terms & Conditions

Booking Conditions

1. Conclusion of Travel Contract
The travel booking is binding at the time of entering into an agreement with the operator, in accordance with the rules of the booking.The applicant also stands for all other persons that are mentioned in the booking/application. The travel contract is established when the written travel confirmation of the applicant is submitted.

2. Special Features with PEP-travels
2.1 To have access to our online travel-portal under an authorization is needed which is to be provided during the registration process. This is a written confirmation of employment received from the employer confirming the employment of the staff member within the tourism industry. As authorization we accept a valid travel agent ID card or a letter from the employer written on a business- letterhead with the current date and signature of the line manager which is compulsory. The letter of employment should state the position of the applicant as well as his/her commencement of employment in afull-time position within the company. Furthermore, the field of expertise of the organization needs to be mentioned. Self- employed persons and managing directors who don’t have superiors above them need to send in a copy of the business registration, which needs to clearly indicate that the main concern of the business is tourism related, as well as clearly state the name of the relevant persons. 
2.2 The booked services are based on special rates which are provided exclusively for the travel industry by the service provider. Hence you are liable to provide authorization on the service provider’s request. These include employee ID card, business-card in conjunction with your personal ID

Users / travelers are liable to inform pepXpress of any changes in e-mail address or phone number immediately. pepXpress cannot be held responsible in the case of failed delivery on an email due to the wrong e-mail address or information given 

2.3 In the case of inadequate authorization, pepXpress and its service providers reserve the right to cancel any already booked services even after confirmation of these have already been given. Should this occur, any related charges incurred will be non-refundable.
2.4 The special discounted Travel industry rates may not be disclosed to any 3rd parties. A violation of this obligation can lead to additional charges
2.5 .pepXpress reserves the right to random checks of registered users details to ensure details provided are true and accurate 
2.6 The applicant as travel-industry- worker is liable to view the booked hotel as well as to be available for a meeting with the hotel management on request.

3. Payment
3.1 After receipt of the travel confirmation and hence with contract conclusion, a deposit of 20% of the travel rate is to be paid
3.2 The balance payment is due no later than 30 days before travel commences.
3.3 For bookings within 30 days of travel full payment is required
3.4 For payments receieved from foreign countries all accumulating charges are to be carried by the customer.
3.5 Any rejected payments or bank- charges accrued by booking-changes which are not made by ourselves will be charged to the signing party at a fee of R150, - per item.
3.6 If clients fail to pay on time, pepXpress reserves the right to cancel the travel booking after sending a final payment demand. pepXpress also reserves the right to demand adequate compensation for all relevant expenses occurred, regardless of the actual travel price itself.  

4. Travel documents
The sending of travel documents follows generally electronically after the full travel price has been received. In case of the travel documents not having been received by the applicant, the applicant needs to contact pepXpress immediately.

5. Changes
5.1 The applicant shall be informed immediately by pepXpress in the event of any changes in services. With a declaration deadline of 3 days, a change of booking free of charge or a cancellation free of charge will be offered to the applicant, as long as these changes are not marginal in character. The right of the traveler to cancel free of charge in the event of a considerable or unreasonable change is unaffected by this.
5.2 In the event that any rise in transport costs occur after the travel contract has been confirmed, especially in the case of a rise in petrol-costs, pepXpress has the right to increase the travel price as per following calculations:
a) a rise in transport costs coming from the service-provider’s side regarding seating, the travel-agent can demand the extra costs from the traveler.
b) In other cases, the extra costs demanded by the transport-company shall be divided by the number of seats of the agreed upon transport-vehicle. This amount for the single seat can then be demanded from the traveler by the travel-agent.
c) In the case of changes (after conclusion to the travel contract) to the existing levies such as for example the harbor-, visa-, or airport costs, the travel price can be adjusted accordingly to cover these additional costs.
d) In the case of changes in the exchange-rates, after conclusion of the travel-contract, the travel price
can be adjusted to cover the costs incurred by the travel-agent.
e) pepXpress shall consider a reduction in costs to the client in accordance with the presented calculation principle.
5.3 When parts of services need to be cancelled due to pressing and unforeseen circumstances, refunds can be obtained as long as each service provider offers a relevant refund-voucher and a written consent is laid down at the hotel-management / agency.

6. Cancellations / changes by the traveler
6.1 The traveler can cancel his/her booked trip, or alternatively make changes to the trip at any time before the commencement date of the trip. The traveler will be advised to cancel or change the trip in writing. In cases of a cancellation, the date of the cancellation- declaration at pepXpress is only possible from Mondays until Fridays (holidays excluded).The business establishment loses its right to the travel price in case of a cancellation. pepXpress can demand an adequate compensation, which can be upraised as follows:
- Cancellation of a confirmed booking more than 30 days prior to arrival – R 100.00 (admin fee)- Cancellation of a confirmed booking within 30 - 20 days prior to arrival 50% cancellation fee- Cancellation of a confirmed booking within 19 - 13 days prior to arrival 75% cancellation fee- Cancellation of a confirmed booking within 12 - 01 days prior to arrival 100% cancellation charge - The above terms and conditions apply to pepxpress Africa, different cancellation charges may apply depending on the supplier. Costs for any visa-requirements or travel insurance as well as any handling-fees and costs for flight- tickets that have already been issued, are always to be carried 100%. The mentioned clauses regarding cancellation fees are relevant for all journeys/ trip offers, unless otherwise specified. The client has the right to the proof that shows the business has had no loss, or merely a lower damage than is written in the flat-rate.
6.2 Further changes in bookings:If travelers wish to make any changes in relation to the departure-date, type of catering/board, room-categories, type of transportation, additional travelers as well as departure-date changes 30 days prior to departure, pepXpress has the right to charge a handling-fee of R300, - per re-booking. In the case of such re-bookings causing a higher rate for fellow travelers the rate-difference must be paid by the traveler.Booking-changes that occur after the deadline of 30 days prior to date of departure can only be re-booked by first cancelling the existing booking, followed by entering a new booking. In principal it is only possible to make changes regarding the travel- destination by canceling the travel- contract and immediately making a new booking. The travel applicant is responsible to make sure that any re-booked changes correspond with all other already booked trip services booked by him.
6.3 For journeys that are connected to the buying of entry-tickets (for example musicals) following cancellation-fees apply: up to 22 days prior to departure 45%, from 21 days onwards until 1 day prior to departure 80%. At the day of departure or No Show 100% of the travel costs. Name-changes and other booking-changes for these journeys/trips are only possible through first cancelling and making a newbooking.